Audio Production Services

Providing sound and music production at outstanding prices, Norse Industries can tackle almost any project, whether you're looking to record voicework, an inexpensive demo or a full length album, we can make your project a reality! Already have tracks recorded? No problem, check out our mixing packages!


Norse Industries Recording Studio - Mixing, Mastering and more!

A recording studio designed for the budget conscious client! Located in Ottawa (Nepean area), this home facility is the perfect spot for small bands, voice projects or re-amping tracks.

Rates (all rates on this page Cdn) - we accept cash, certified cheque, and e-mail money transfers

Basic Rate: $35.00/hr

5hr Block: $150 (averages to $30/hr)*
10hr Block: $250 (averages to $25/hr)*
25hr Block: $500 (averages to $20/hr)*

(*Blocks do not have to be scheduled consecutively. Only available to independent artists)

Digital Mastering - $35 per song - about digital mastering
Re-amping - $35 setup fee then $0.40 per minute of material - What's Re-amping?


3 Song Demo Package - $450
- Includes 10hrs recording time, mixing and digital mastering

10 Song Album Package - $1500
- Includes 30hrs recording time, mixing and digital mastering

Mixing Package - terms and conditions
- $100 per song

Ultimate Mixing Package - $150 per song
- Includes setup time, pre-production time, editing, re-amping (if necessary), mixing and digital mastering - everything except recording time!

Blue Bear Sound Studio

Need a bigger facility for your project? Blue Bear Sound is a State-of-the-art recording studio located near Manotick, a beautiful John Sayers-designed facility, ensuring the proper acoustic environment and ambience that your projects deserve.

Contact us for details or to set up a tour of the studio!


Band Services

Image is just as important as the music and presenting and promoting your band/performer in a professional manner is key to success! Norse Industries offers a variety of web and small print solutions:

Basic Webpage Design - Price dependant on complexity of the site, ask for a quote.
Logo Design - Price dependant on complexity of the logo, ask for a quote.
Promo/Business cards - Price dependant on complexity of the design, ask for a quote.